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stalled peace talks with taliban last month. >>> pakistani report details the life of osama bin laden after the september 11th attacks and the failure of the pakistani failure community. and it even has reports of him being pulled over for speeding and let go. >>> the death toll of the train disaster in quebec has reached 14 with dozens still unaccounted for. more information is coming to light how that accident happened. the ntsb says the tankers involved have a history of puncturing after accidents. >>> a federal judge in wisconsin blocked enforcement of a new line signed by governor walker who allows doctors lacking privileges for performing abortions. the judge said it had troubling lack and set a new hearing. >>> smoke and ash shot out in mexico's volcano you see right there. it's happened over the past several days prompting four u.s. airline carriers to suspend flights. >>> for your first look at business we turn to courtney reagan. >>> consumers broke out their credit cards in may. this is another sign they're optimistic about the economy. the consumer credit jumps to 8%, the
planned a residual advisory force to help the afghans fight the taliban is now more real than ever. the top white house aides says it's amid building frustrations with hamid karzai. and to begin formal peace talks with the taliban in cot ter. that most military forces from the united states due to leave afghanistan by the end of 2013. it's important to remember back in january, the fred said a zero troop option in afghanistan was back on the table. after 69 military deaths this year, 2,115 over the entire war that option is now more real. and the afghan government is understanding that, and so is the pentagon. but white house officials insist no final decisions have been made. >> major garrett at the white house. thanks, major. >>> in egypt, the muslim brotherhood is calling for more protests today after the deadliest day of violence since mohamed morsi was ousted last week. holly williams is in cairo. holly, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, anthony. four other people have been killed here in the week of violent protests. the situation here in cairo here
in the head by a taliban gunman for daring to speak up for the right of girls to go to school malala stood wearing the shawl of the former pakistani prime minister assassinated five years ago. >> i speak not for myself but for those without voice can be heard. >> reporter: the only thing more stunning than malala's recovery was her vision. >> they thought it would change my aims and stop my ambitions, but nothing changed in nighmy life except this. weakness fear and hopelessness died. strength fervor, and courage was born. >> reporter: 57 million boys and girled worldwide are denied educations, but they now have a voice, forceful and poetic. >> they realize the importance of light when we see darkness. we realize the importance of a voice when we are silence. in the same way, we realized the importance of pens and books. let us stick up. let us stick up our books and pens. they are our most powerful weapons. one child one teacher, one book and one pen can change the world. >> reporter: at 16 malala is unburdened by doubts about how much change is possible. just the sight
of trying to negotiate peace with the taliban and doing that without him. joe, president obama i think running out of patience with the situation there. >> you know, yes. and, of course, there's so much to be concerned about here. of course neocons will be concerned that we're going to leave no troops there. of course. i'm concerned, i know you are, all of us are concerned that it's taken now four years to get to this point. we're essentially where we were four years ago. joe biden was there four years ago. i don't know if people remember but, mark halperin, there was that scene in 2008 where joe biden went over, met in afghanistan, met with karzai, he was still a senator then, he got up, he threw his, you know, napkin down, stormed away from the table, and joe biden said then, privately and publicly, to some people, that we just did not -- we never would have a partner in karzai. and it has seemed painfully obvious for a lot of us for a very long time, for joe biden as well, i think though this is -- i think at the end of the day, this is where the president wants to be with his legac
with the taliban and negotiations over a long-term security deal ended abruptly. we'll talk more with cnn chief national correspondent john king coming up at the bottom of the hour. >>> could nsa leaker edward snowden's new home be venezuela? they received a formal asylum request from snowden is waiting to hear back from him. venezuela's foreign minister cautioned russia still has to weigh in on the request. snowden is believed to be hold up in a moscow airport. >>> vice president biden said to attend a funeral for the 19 fallen firefighters. the union expected to attend. the death of the hot shots considered the worst fire fighting loss since september 11th. >>> unless patriots hernandez lawyers appeal, we'll know what was seized from his home. hernandez is charged with the premeditated murder of his one-time friend odin lloyd. his associate carlos ortiz will appear in court later this morning. >>> and lastly, check out these raging floodwaters creating chaos in toronto. take a look at this double decker train, hundreds of passengers strappeded for more than five hours when the bottom deck bec
, the teenager shot by the taliban last year for promoting education for girls in pakistan. today is her 16th birthdays and she's addressing a youth assembly at the united states astates -- united nations, and today is declared malala day bip the u.n. >>> and completed the first step in his bid for a political comeback. he beat the midnight deadline files thousands of signatures needed to get him on the primary ballot for the new york comptroller's race. >>> and former chicago bulls star scottie pippen was skewed for $4 million thursday by an autograph seeker who claims pippen assaulted him last month outside a malibu, california restaurant. police did question pippen after the incident, but the hall of famer was not charged. >>> the chicago landmarks commission signed off last night on a controversy plan to erect a jumbotron-style video screen at wrigley field that would rise above the left field wall. it would be three times the size of wrigley's familiar old-fashioned scoreboard. renovations to the chicago cubs home field must still be approved by the city council and other officials. >>>
Search Results 0 to 8 of about 9 (some duplicates have been removed)